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Welcome back! Are you excited about the start of a new month? If you follow along on Instagram, I shared today that May has always included some pretty amazing milestones. Graduation, marriage, traveling, job changes, celebrations. Needless to say, May holds a special place in my heart! As I’ve been in the habit of doing, I’m sharing my monthly goals below.

These goals always provide opportunities to grow. I hope that they also give you some inspiration and fuel your creativity for making your own goals happen. I’m here to cheer you on as much as anything!

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My goals for the month of April went fairly well, although I’m learning to embrace progress over perfection. Being a mom has taught me that going with the flow is so important – especially for someone (like me) who values having a plan. Keeping these monthly goals out in the open provides some accountability, and I enjoy looking back on them.

What are some of your monthly goals? Here are 6 of mine!

1. Exercise: Go on at least two walks around the neighborhood each week.

A year ago, I was in my second trimester of pregnancy, and I got in the habit of walking miles upon miles around our neighborhood. I bought a Misfit Ray to track my steps, and I was super invested in meeting my step goals every day. As the summer (and pregnancy) wore on, walking was my number one way to stay active.

I’ll admit that it’s not quite as easy to do now with an 8-month old who goes to bed around 7:00 each night, but I’m still trying to be more intentional to get out in the afternoons or take a stroll in the evenings when my hubby is on baby monitor duty! I love being able to pop in a favorite podcast and take a little break.

2. Reading: Finish 2 books (and pay my library fees).

Every time I go to my local library lately, they ask if I’d like to take care of the 20 cents currently sitting on my account. Because I never usually have cash or coins in my wallet (#millennial), I politely decline and mumble “Next time, please!” The librarians are either very gracious or very used to people not paying their fees. Either way, I should probably own up and be a good citizen.

I’m a bit behind from my April reading but hoping to finish up this week! When I do, I’m hoping to read 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do by Amy Morin and Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst.

3. Home: Conquer and clean our storage room.

My hubby and I tend to keep a fairly minimalist style to our home. Clutter stresses both of us out, and we’re in the habit of tidying up as we go about our daily routines. (Sometimes I have to remind myself, “Um hello, we live here- chill out!) The one place in our home that hasn’t quite received much love is our storage room. It’s definitely not a disaster, but there are a few boxes of nostalgic things and knick-knacks that we could probably purge. I’ll be curious to see what high school treasures I dig up, and which ones get me a “You actually KEPT that?!” response from the hubs. 🙂

4. Writing: Develop better blogging disciplines.

As a new blogger, I’ve thought a lot about what’s working well and what needs to change if I want this space to grow. Admittedly, I’m a classic over-thinker and could stay in the planning stages forever if I didn’t push myself. Although I’ve been using an editorial calendar system, I want to ramp it up and get better about deadlines, goals, and a specific plan.

As part of my goals for the month, I grabbed a copy of the Epic Blog Planner. This system was recommended to me by a few fellow bloggers. I’m looking forward to having it arrive next week and hoping that it can point me in a better direction.

If you’re a fellow blogger, what routines have been most helpful for you?

5. Health: Start a ‘cleaner’ meal prep routine.

I mentioned above that I was a walkaholic while I was pregnant last summer and spring. Similarly, I was also an extremely healthy eater. After having my son, I let a lot of those healthy eating rules go by the wayside in exchange for cravings and convenience. (Give me all the carbs!) I’d love to get back on track by eliminating the extra snacks and sugar during the day. Working from home definitely doesn’t help! I know that I need to refocus on cleaner, healthier options as part of my personal monthly goals.

6. Habit: Make the perfect iced coffee (and have a no-spend coffee month).

It’s probably not good when the Starbucks baristas start recognizing your voice and your order in the drive-thru. (Facepalm!) In the same spirit of cleaning up my diet a bit, my goals for the month also include opting for in-house coffee instead of the chain variety. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make the perfect iced coffee, but I always find that going out tastes so much better! This month, I’m experimenting with recipes like those from the Pioneer Woman (hi, Ree!) and using an easy coffee brewer to see if I can kick the need for a 2:00 p.m. drive-thru run. Saving some “fun money” in the process never hurts, either!

What does May look like for you – personally or professionally? Drop a comment to let me know what you’ve got going on!

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