Goals for the Month – June

Welcome to Write One Week! This quick monthly goals check-in series is just a small way for me to share what’s happening in life, blogging, and motherhood. Thanks for joining in!

If you’re new here, feel free to check out some of the goals I’ve shared around blogging, family, and work. March, April, and May went by¬†so quickly. Did it feel that way for you too? I’ve heard it said that there’s something about being a mom and watching your baby grow up before your eyes that makes time pass even faster. I’m only 9 months into motherhood, but I’d have to say that it seems true so far!

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goals for June

Here are 5 of my monthly goals for the month of June. Make sure to leave a comment and let me know what you’re working on this month, too! One of my favorite parts of maintaining this space is meeting up and encouraging others – no matter what dreams you’re pursuing!

So here we go..

1. Take a breather from rigid goal-planning and habit tracking

Uh, what? I’m starting out a monthly goals list by telling you I’m taking a break from formal goal tracking? Well, yes and no ūüėČ

Have you ever had a case of the¬†blahs? Weeks where you just felt super tired or unmotivated, maybe even a little unlike yourself?¬† Honestly, that’s how the month of May ended for me. And when I evaluated why, I felt like it came back to really overloading my goals and habits list. Everyone has limits on what they can do and actually do¬†well. And while I’m a firm believer in working hard and hustling when you need and want to, I also try to sense when it’s best to pull back and recharge.

You might have seen my love for Powersheets before, and while I¬†love¬†this system and believe it in wholeheartedly, I’m pressing pause in June. Not because I don’t see the value, but because I have so much on my May list left! Powersheets takes planning and prep, and instead of rushing into new goals, I thought I’d settle in and finish a few older ones well.

2. Visit a few places on our “local” list

About 2 years ago, my hubby and I made a local “bucket list” in our hometown of Richmond, VA. There are a ton of local festivals, farmers’ markets, small businesses, parks, and family events that you can explore and visit year-round. We have a lot of fun things to celebrate in June, including my husband’s first official Father’s Day!

This month, we’re crossing off ZZQ Barbeque off our restaurant list. I’ve also got some time booked for a summer haircut at 1213 Studio, a boutique studio in the heart of the city, and I’m so excited!

Do you live in or near #RVA? Drop a comment and let me know if you’re local!

3. Finish 2 new books

If you’ve read any of the previous monthly goal posts here, you know how much I try to incorporate reading into my monthly routine! This is a habit that helps me unwind from crazy days and learn something outside of the norm. This month, I’m aiming to finish The Blue Zones Solution and A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living.

4. Make summer memories

Summer is a beautiful, but fast, season. I want to be intentional this year to make the days, weeks, and months count. It’s the first summer with our little man, and we’ve got so many things on our wish list. Mornings at the farmers’ market, brunch at new places, lazy afternoons at home or at the neighborhood pool, and cookouts with family.

There’s also a ton of special recipes that we love fixing during the hotter months. I hope to share a few of our family favorites here on the blog – so stay tuned!

5. Complete a DIY project

Have you ever felt like your brain was just going a little fuzzy from constant screen time? I’ve been feeling the itch to take a break from “laptop life” in my spare time and to actually¬†create something! Head over to my Simple DIY Pinterest board for¬†so many inspiring ideas that I’ve started collecting. In particular, I’m absolutely loving:

We might be four days into this new month, but there’s still plenty of time to set a few goals in motion (even if you want a slightly more laid-back approach this month like me!) Thanks so much for stopping by, and be sure to say hello in the comments!


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