Must-Have Baby Bath Essentials (0-12 Months)

I remember so clearly sitting in the “new parents” class at the hospital as a very knowledgeable nurse demonstrated how to give baby’s first bath. I remember thinking, She makes it look so easy! And sure enough, the first time we tried it at home – it wasn’t quite so simple. My little one is now 9 months old, and with time and experience, we’ve learned which baby bath products we love, wish we’d had, and would use for years to come.

If you’re new to the baby bath-time routine, check out this list of must-have baby bath products. Drop a note below to let me know if any of these are on your registry, or if any of these have worked well for you as a parent!

Best Baby Bath Products

(This post may contain affiliate links and is sponsored by The Posh Peanut. All opinions of products used are my own, and based on a positive personal experience.)

Reclining Baby Bath Seat (Newborn – Sitter)

You’ve probably seen a ton of different bathtub options designed for those early newborn months. While some parents prefer something that fits across the kitchen sink, others like a reclined seat that fits down into an actual tub. As you’re getting the hang of the whole bathtime routine – figure out what’s most comfortable (especially if you’re a recovering mama!)

I absolutely love this reclining baby bath seat and wish we’d had something like this when my son was first born. Some of the harder plastic tubs make it tricky to keep baby from slouching down. This option is perfect because it supports a newborn at a great angle, reclines to different positions as the baby grows, and helps water drain back into the sink. So handy when you’re trying not to make a mess!

Plus, these neutral colors make it a super stylish pick (if you’re into that kind of thing!)

Summer Infant Bath Sit-Up Seat

You may have seen this popular Summer Infant seat on your social feeds. From personal experience, I’ve got to say that this one’s a winner. We started using it a little before the 5-month mark when it was more comfortable for little man to sit up rather than lean back.

The bath seat itself is super secure and anchors right to the tub walls. We never had any problem with it slipping and love that it provided a good sense of support. It gets even easier to use your little one gets a few months older and stronger. Perfect for sudsing up and splashing around safely!

Posh Peanut Hooded Towel

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a bath towel?! I’d argue no, there isn’t! I loved having a small collection of soft hooded towels to wrap around a fresh clean baby. But I learned that they quickly outgrow the tiny newborn towels so (sadly) fast!

We were sent this adorable hooded towel from the Posh Peanut to try during bathtime, and I love the look and feel of it. Not only is it really soft and absorbent, but the hooded portion is big and cozy. The towel is also a great size for a growing baby!

And as a mama with a camera, you really can’t pass up the photo op with these picture perfect bath towels for both girls and boys 😉


Posh Peanut baby bath towel

Infant Bath Sponge

I was completely unfamiliar with this handy baby bath product before creating my registry, but it came highly recommended. Before parenthood, you really don’t know the number of simple inventions that can make your life easier, and this is certainly one of them!

This bath sponge fits right down into a sink or bathtub. You can also use it inside actual baby baths to prevent slipping around. Another perk? It keeps baby warm by soaking up all the warm water. Once bath time is over, just wring it out and hang it up to air dry, and you’re all set!


Honest Shampoo and Body Wash

If there’s one baby bath product I’m somewhat obsessed with, it might just be this shampoo and body wash from Honest Company. I know that there are tons of sweet-smelling baby products out there, but this one is nice and non-toxic and smells like creamsicles. I’m sure my little boy won’t always love smelling like an orange ice cream pop, but for now- it’s mom’s choice, and this one wins!

Silicone Scalp Brush

Before becoming a mom, I knew that plenty of babies struggled with dry skin and “cradle cap.” When my little one experienced a terrible case of it, I turned to a scalp brush like this to help solve the issue. I’ve loved so many of the Fridababy products we’ve tried so far, and a brush like this really comes in handy. It’s nice and gentle but does exactly what you need it to do when baby’s skin is in the healing stage.

Aveeno Baby Bath Lotion

Aveeno is such a classic brand for babies, and this super gentle baby lotion has been one of our favorites to incorporate after bath time. It’s not incredibly scented or heavy- a huge perk for sensitive skin. It has natural oatmeal in the ingredients to lock in moisture right after a warm bath, resulting in a super soft (and kissable!) baby. This one’s a budget-friendly registry must-have.

Easy Cleanup Bath Toys

While we don’t have a ton of toys floating around the bathroom quite yet, these simple boats from Munchkin have become a must-have. They’re easy to grab and play with, but they also stack up for easy storage.

The real selling point? There’s no way for water to get trapped in them like with other bath toys. This means they’re easy to clean and sanitize, and they won’t get moldy over time. This colorful set of six boats is a great addition to a shower gift or bathtime product bundle.




There you have it! Hopefully, this starter list of must-have baby bath products gives you a jump on items that are not only helpful, but affordable and practical. If you’re looking for some general baby favorites to help in the early days, head over to my list of tried and true products for new parents.

Does your little one love bath time? Leave a comment below with your favorite product or bath time trick!


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