What’s the blog about?

When I set out to create a “lifestyle” blog, I had to take a deep breath. There’s so much to share. To learn the ropes, I subscribed to every email, tutorial, newsletter, and.. it overwhelmed me. Write One Week was born from the realization that starting small makes all the difference, and that actually writing what life looks like week-by-week can create pivotal change. Here’s my heartbeat for the blog and for life:

Enjoy what you have.

There’s no quicker way to get caught up in discontent than by going through life wishing that you had something, anything other than what you do. Have you been there? Whether that comes in the form of people, things, money, or skills-  learning to appreciate what you have is one of the best ways to keep life in perspective.

Live by your values.

We live in a culture of constant change and distraction. Do the important things guide your decisions? There are so many options of what you can be, do, and have. Knowing your values and sticking by them helps you stay in your lane, living out the most important qualities.

Make the most of everyday life.

In our family, we like to turn ordinary days into something special. You probably have favorite habits, products, or routines that make up your days, and put simply- that’s awesome. This space is meant for sharing how the ordinary things can turn into unforgettable moments and memories.